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“Ikuzo Unscripted” hits you with its blunt and uncensored take on pop culture, philosophy, history, sports, and everything else beyond and under the Sun. So get your headsets ready for honest opinions, shower thoughts, barbershop talks, and conspiracies, but expect nothing less than a bohemian atmosphere, as we promise a “cringe-free” experience and zero brain damage. New episodes every Wednesday (11 AM EDT; 5 PM CET) IKUZO!


Jeff Jarrett

Hall of Famer, third-generation superstar, former World Heavyweight champion, TNA's founder, and owner of more than 80 championship belts. He reveals one name that would undoubtedly be added to the

Lawrence Krauss

We jumped right into a light-hearted, pleasant, and academic conversation with one of the brightest minds of our day, a world-famous scientist known for his contributions to cosmology and, most

Jeff Garrett

The world of numismatics explained by "the expert's expert", explains how Saint-Gaudens and Theodore Roosevelt tried to revolutionise US coinage, infamous 1924-D Peace dollar stories and importance of numismatic seeds.

Jacob Stitch Duran

Interacting with a real combat sports legend was like talking to the living boxing encyclopedia. Stitch shares an audio message that Wladimir Klitschko personally sent him, his relationships with Tyson

Mark Loewen

This is what a biology class should've looked like, as we embark on a journey through time, and walk with dinosaurs... and Utah's own Mark Loewen Ph.D. Professor Loewen breaks

Ken Shamrock

It's World's Most Dangerous Podcast! We sat down with a pioneer and a living legend of MMA, an innovator in the world of Pro-Wrestling, and Hall Of Famer  - Ken

Marv Wolfman

The living legend of the comic book industry, writing credits pioneer, Inkpot award winner, and Will Eisner Hall of Famer. Marv talks from reading Stan Lee's comics to sharing the office with Stan,

Dustin Growick

We are talking dinosaurs again! Dustin Growick, the dinosaur expert, science communicator, and museum professional joined us for a very interesting conversation about paleontology, anthropology, and the science community. Topics